Small Business Assistance Grants

Update on the Small Business Grant Application Process

The City accepted applications between August 3- August 28 and received 459 applications, with the ability to provide 28 $2,500 grants. Staff pre-screened and disqualified those who stated they did not have an active business license, those not located in San Gabriel, and those that stated they do not serve low-mod areas, per the program guidelines and requirements. The City Council created an ad-hoc City Council sub- committee focused on business outreach on the City’s small business grant program, and appointed Vice Mayor Liao and Councilmember Ding to work with staff in this effort. Together with staff, the committee did a lottery on September 4 and used a random number generator to pull 50 business names from the list of pre-screened businesses moving forward – we pulled 50 names in case the first 28 did not meet all the requirements to move forward. From there, again following the program guidelines and requirements, staff confirmed which of those 50 businesses had active business licenses, had no current or history of code enforcement issues, and were in good standing with the Police department. Staff has contacted the first 28 from the list that qualify to move forward, and provided a two-week period to submit their verification documentation. In the case that any of the 28 that are currently moving forward do not qualify, staff will continue moving down the wait list from the lottery draw until we come up with the 28 that we can qualify to receive the grants. In the event that we run through the list of 50 and cannot qualify all 28 grant recipients, we will facilitate another lottery draw with the sub-committee.