Property Development in San Gabriel

201-217 S. San Gabriel Blvd.
Property development includes a range of activities from the purchase of land, to the development of facilities and buildings. It also includes either the sale or lease of the land properties upon development completion. Developers coordinate the plans, activities, needs, and ideas into properties. They often provide communities with flexible, functional, and attractive property solutions, like affordable housing, convenient mixed-use developments, shopping centers, and more.

The Economic Development division is prepared to assist developers interested in property development in San Gabriel. Here are few questions to consider when navigating through the process for developing a property in San Gabriel.
  1. Does your project need a permit?
  2. Are there site constraints on your project?
  3. Do you have everything you need to obtain your permits and approvals?
  4. Are you ready for inspection?
For more information on how to develop a property, please see the "Developing a Commercial/Industrial Property" tab on the left or call Community Development at (626) 308-2806.