Optional Pre-Application Project Review

This type of review is for applicants who are further along in conceptualizing their project, but still not ready to make a formal application. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a more thorough review for issue-spotting before applying.  City staff will already have prepared written comments, concerns and recommendations in bullet form and bring these to the meeting. The Pre-Application Project Review has a processing fee of $1,665 and a $5,000 deposit for the City Architect.

At the meeting, staff will address the following: 

  • Review the proposed project against the City’s plans and goals for the project and site.
  • Identify potential issues with the site
  • Discuss community reception and outreach
  • Make recommendations to improve the project
  • Provide a rough timeline and explanation of the process, including necessary permits and approvals
  • Define specific submittal requirements
  • Identify fees and costs
  • Provide a formal comment letter