City of San Gabriel 10 Point Plan



hand holding a money tree

1. Digital Media Toolkit

 Free customizable sign templates to promote and advertise businesses.

2. Guide to New Ways for Commerce                                                     

 Encourages business to explore website creation, social media platform utilization, online ordering & delivery services through website, business e-newsletters, and promotion of contactless payment. 

3. Shop Local Campaign                                                     

Promote Restaurant Guide, citywide business directory, installation of “Shop   Local” street banners & creation of “Shop Local” templates for businesses to utilize. 

4. Saving on City Fees                                                                                          

Waive qualified COVID-19 related planning and tenant improvement fees such as window and banner signage and modifications related to health and safety measures.

5. Expedited City Services                                                                               

Expedited processing* for qualified COVID-19 related tenant improvements related to health and safety measures. Drive-up, pick-up and drop-off for Community Development services.

*For outdoor dining, businesses must concurrently coordinate inspections with the L.A. County Department of Health. Visit for more information.

6. Implementing Best Practices                                                                             

Promote health and safety measures, sharing with the business community the latest information on safety, sanitation and social distancing. 

7. Connecting to Financial Resources                                                                    

 Latest updates and information for accessing Federal, State and Local resources can be found at SUBSCRIBE to the weekly e-newsletter for the latest information for business. 

8. City Hall Business Concierge Services                                                                       

 Fee waived for new business Applicant Review Session with City staff via video conferencing. Staff will continue providing case-by-case business support services by phone, email or video conferencing.

9. Promoting Available Retail & Development Sites                                                               

 Staff working on a real estate database to create a one-stop shop for prospective business owners and developers. 

10. Sharing Success Stories                                                                       

Promote stories through the City’s Community Kindness and Made in San Gabriel campaigns, promote San Gabriel restaurants and businesses.

Download a 10-Point Plan Pamphlet below:

10 Point Plan- English

10 Point Plan- Spanish

10 Point Plan- Chinese

10 Point Plan- Vietnamese